Fragrance kit Peach – 8 month carefree

Starter Kit includes: 1 dispenser, 2 batteries, 3 fragrance cans

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Part-Nr. 70.055Peach

The set includes:

1x Hygofresh 3000 fragrance dispenser (70.055)
2x LR20 batteries (40.112)
3x fragrance can Peach (70.050/P)


Your advantages:

  • 8 months carefree (complete equipment for eight months – medium settings)
  • Real-time programming by means of built-in clock
  • Easy mounting/installation
  • Very low consumption of battery
  • Display of battery and can status
  • Easy replacement of the cans



Fragrance kit mixed
Fragrance kit Mint
Fragrance kit WaterFresh

Order unit

per set

Size (WxHxD)

115 x 200 x 86 mm



Marke / Hersteller





Product Type

Consumables, Product set, Whiteline

Warning notice

Always read labelling and product information before use

Operating instructions 70.055 Hygofresh 3000

Dimensions 70.055 Hygofresh 3000

Product sheet 70.055 Hygofresh 3000 D F E

Safety data sheet Hygofresh Peach