50.646-Hygofoam Hygolet

Foam soap dispensers require a soap concentrate that forms a spreadable soap foam (soap mousse) by adding air. This means that a smaller amount of soap comes out of the foam soap dispenser, which reduces follow-up costs and is therefore an advantage over conventional soap dispensers.

We offer a diverse range of foam soap dispensers for all needs. Whether made of high-quality stainless steel or plastic, our dispensers are durable and reliable.

Here you will find soap dispensers that can be operated manually by hand, as well as with a sensor for contactless use. You will also find dispensers for open filling as well as closed systems for cartridges.

We have soap dispensers for public toilets and semi-public areas, as well as for private use.

Suitable foam soap for open filling:
50.641 Soap concentrate, bidon 5 litres

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