60.000-Hygolet-S3500-Hygienischer-Toilettensitz Hygolet

Hygiene and cleanliness are sensitive areas of a person’s privacy. Using public and semi-public toilets is often a source of discomfort. The S3500 Hygiene Seat eliminates this discomfort by proving that the toilet seat is clean and dry before each use.

A 100% clean and dry toilet seat in seconds – “That’s what we call hygiene”.

  • The system provides visual proof to every toilet user that they are sitting on a clean toilet seat.
  • Enhance the image and customer service level of restrooms to satisfy customers and employees and reflect positively on the company’s image.
  • Equipped with the Hygolet adjustable mounting bracket, the S3500 hygienic seat can be easily installed on almost any restroom bowl.
  • Easy maintenance with quick-release consumables and an easy-to-clean unit design.
  • Reduces cleaning time as well as sanitation costs by protecting pipes from clogging caused by paper used to cover the toilet seat.
  • Hygoplast, the film used to cover the toilet seat ring, is made of a durable polyethylene. Its production and disposal is much less harmful to the environment than that of paper.