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Electric cold air hand dryer with sensor for touch-free use

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Electrical cold air hand dryer

  • Unique and high-quality design
  • Low power consumption despite strong performance
  • Slim and space friendly shape
  • Durable and efficient brushless motor
  • More cost effective than paper towel dispensers
  • More hygienic than hot air dryer
  • Sensor with on/off automatic

The V-Dry hand dryer is an electric fan dryer which is made of anodized aluminium* and offers a unique modern finish. This increases the durability of the hand dryer and makes it more resistant to scratches, corrosion, and general abrasion. Finished with a diamond-cut edge in a contrasting colour, the V-Dry becomes a visual eye-catcher in any washroom.

The hand dryer is ideal for small washrooms where space is at a premium. Everything that makes a good hand dryer has been condensed into the smallest possible space. It has a reduced size without compromising on performance and this with low power consumption.

The brushless motor is at the heart of the V-Dry, making it extremely durable. In addition, brushless motors are more energy efficient, so hands are dried faster and therefore more cost effectively. Another advantage of a brushless motor is less noise during operation, compared to other high-speed hand dryers with brush motors.

A high-speed air stream dries hands in ten seconds or less. Because the hands are dried by the high air speed rather than by heat, the H-Dry hand dryer uses much less energy than conventional hot air hand dryers. In addition, cold-air dryers are more hygienic than hot-air dryers. For maintenance, it is sufficient to wipe the H-Dry with a wet cloth every now and then to keep it clean.

*The V-Dry, Hand Dryer, White has a powder coating and is otherwise identical in construction to the black and silver model.

Scope of delivery: assembly instructions, dowels and screws



Marke / Hersteller



Size (WxHxD)

130 x 275 x 128 mm

Order unit

per piece

Drying time

10 – 12 seconds




260 W


AC 220-240 volts / 110 volts

Noise level

< 72 db(A) @ 1 meters


50-60 Hz

Life cycle

> 5000 heures / 1,5 million de cycles


4 years

Product Type

Special items

Mounting 50.682 Goodwind V-Dry

Dimensions 50.682 Goodwind V-Dry

Product sheet 50.682 Goodwind V-Dry D F E